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An elopement in the Dominican Republic should be gorgeous. We will organize this day and take care of all the nuances

We take photos that evoke feelings. Trust our photographers and they will prove that it is possible.

A wedding or love story video is like a little movie. We will help you become the star of your own film.

Свадьба в Доминикане от компании Bounty Vacation

An elopement in the Dominican Republic should be gorgeous. We will organize this day and take care of all the nuances

Фотосессия в Доминикане от компании Bounty Vacation

We take photos that evoke feelings. Trust our photographers and they will prove that it is possible.

Видеограф в Доминикане от компании Bounty Vacation

A wedding or love story video is like a little movie. We will help you become the star of your own film.

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We provide services to travellers not only in Punta Cana, but also in Puerto Plata, La Romana, Juan Dolio and Boca Chica.

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Our company works legally, we have permissions to hold weddings and photo shoots, we pay taxes in the Dominican Republic.

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Фотограф в Доминикане Bounty Vacation
Фотосессия в Доминикане Bounty Vacation


Photo shoot on Saona Island


I would like to express my deep gratitude for the professionalism of Bounty Vacation team!
We went to Saona Island with Max for a photo shoot. My friend and I were taken directly from the beach of our hotel. On the way Max told a lot of interesting facts about the Dominican Republic and probably revealed some secrets. We arrived on the island the very first and other tourists appeared only after 1.5 hours. During this time, we calmly took photos on an empty beach and the palm tree was completely for us. We did not stand in a queue to take photos on the famous palm tree, like ordinary tourists from all other companies.

Maxim’s individual approach, his jokes and rum added an ocean of positive emotions !!!! And swimming with the starfish…. It was something amazing! We stayed away from all other excursion groups where they give one star for 50 people. Our captain brought us a lot of stars, there was even a baby no more than 7 cm in size.

The photos are just magical! I will definitely recommend Bounty Vacation to all my friends!
Thank you very much again for your work! You left us unforgettable impressions and photos for a long memory!

Фотограф в Пуэрто Плата Bounty Vacation Главная

Julia and Ilya

Photo tour in Puerto Plata


I found this wonderful team on Instagram six months before the event, and everything turned out as well as possible.

I want to say a big thank you to Kirill, whom I showered with questions.

And of course Nadya, who not only spent more than the agreed time with us, but was also for the best guide in this country. Unreal beauty, picturesque places, and most importantly an invaluable memory in photographs that sent goosebumps. Thank you very much, Bounty Vacation!

Свадьба в Доминикане Bounty Vacation
Свадьба в Доминикане свадебная церемония в Доминикане Bounty Vacation
Свадьба в Доминикане компания Bounty Vacation свадебная церемония в Доминикане

Regina and Alexander

Wedding in the Dominican Republic on Bounty Beach


It couldn’t have been better!

1) Everything was taken into account to the every single detail. As for the design of the wedding arch, walkway, and so on. I did not expect that it will come out exactly as I imagined and as we discussed! Many thanks for decorators Igor and Natalia !!

2) We want to say a huge thanks to Kirill (the invisible man) whom you will never see for all the time BUT he is a connecting element of this large family. Thanks to him, we have chosen these guys. Initially, I was attracted by his sociability. More than one question was not left without attention! At any time of the day or night, he was always in touch and answered all our questions a hundred times! it couldn’t have been better.

The most important point is that our wedding in the Dominican Republic was organized within a critical time of 2 days. The guys did not refuse and did it 1000%

3) I could not have imagined a more touching ceremony. Everyone was crying! So many correct words were chosen by the master of ceremonies. And the whole organization is made by one family, which gives a big plus they give all their best. They became our friends 😉

4) My personal “whim” was that I wanted a photo in a certain style of color correction. The guys understood me and found us a photographer who was suitable for us. Thank you very much for that!

5) I really wanted to come to the ceremony separately from the guests and the groom, and Bounty Vacation team organised it. The guests and my husband arrived at the ceremony first and then Max pick me up and comfortably delivered to the beach. By the way, Max is a photographer and actually one of the main organizers of this company. He is a cool and positive person!

6) Musicians !! Without them, a wedding in the Dominican Republic would be completely different! We took a trio (very fiery and funny guys) and they sang even in Russian. Take the musicians and you will not regret 😉

7) I was very worried where they would take me to do my makeup and hairstyle. I was afraid to get to the locals because our tastes and views with Dominicans are slightly different. But to my surprise, I was brought to the Russian beauty salon to the beautiful Tanya. She is 100% professional. I often do makeup and hair because of my profession and I am often not happy with the result. But Tanya understood me from the first word. By the way, I do not advise anyone with thin hair to make curls. There is almost always wind on the beach and there will be nothing left of your curls.

Thank you guys for such a wonderful day! Our wedding in the Dominican Republic turned out much better than I could have imagined. Now if we are in your area, we know who we will call first!
One love!

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